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3 Tips to Prepare Homemade Perfume with Flowers

Perfume is such a thing without which many cannot move out of their houses. For some, it is mandatory to sprinkle a bit of the mesmerizing fragrance upon themselves. For some the perfume if applied gains more confidence and keeps themselves fresh with a smile on their face throughout the day. Some of the common flowers used in perfume are the roses, lavender, Jasmine’s which can use easily to make a perfect perfume. The best part will be if you can make the perfume yourself by choosing the exact kind of fragrance of flowers and it will be great if you can choose the flowers from the garden.

# 1: Choose a Scent3 Tips to Prepare Homemade Perfume with Flowers

According to your taste and preference, you can choose your own fragrance by choosing your favorite flowers. If you have a garden or if you know a florist, then it will be best as you will get the fresh flowers and apart from that, you can catch hold of flowers online as they will be well packed and fresh as well. When it comes to making your own perfume, then you can choose the popular garden flowers like the Roses, Jasmine, Violets, Plumeria. The good thing about using these flowers is that they are very much obtainable and very romantic which will give you a sensual or a romantic smell. The other flowers you can also consider are the Lavender, Daisies, Lilies or the Honeysuckle.

# 2: Gather Your Materials3 Tips to Prepare Homemade Perfume with Flowers

For making the perfume it is mandatory to take one and half a cup of flower petals at first. If you have a strong preference for any one kind of flower, then you can only take the petals of a single flower but on the other hand, you can also combine petals of different flowers together. Apart from the flower petals, you need cups of distilled water, a piece of cheesecloth (thin loosely woven cloth), a stove and a pan and a container in which you can store the ready material. You can use any normally washed glass jar, but it would look great if you place the finished material in a much-decorated transparent jar or a spray bottle.

# 3: It’s Time to Prepare

Firstly, it is obvious before starting the procedure, the major thing is to wash the flower petals completely out of dirt or pests or any kind of fertilizers which can layer on the flower petal. Secondly, place the petals along with the distilled water in the pan and then bring it to a boiling point. After that, the heat should turn down and the petals in the hot distilled water should simmer for at least hours. One thing you must ensure that nothing boils anymore and there should be still plenty of water inside the pan. Lastly, give some time to be the liquid in a cool state and then strain the mixture with the help of the cheesecloth and hence you can remove the solid bits in the mixture. Finally, you can pour down the ready perfume in a decorated glass jar to make it look much more attractive.

Flowers are the most common things to gift on any kind of occasion. Therefore, it will be a very good idea for gifting someone the home-made perfume in place of the birthday flowers. As it is you are using original flowers in the perfume, therefore you can gift the flowers in a different way, in a perfumed way which will be innovative and organic as well. The perfume you made is completely organic as there are no chemicals used in it.

3 Tips to Prepare Homemade Perfume with Flowers

In conclusion, with these easy Tips to Prepare Homemade Perfume with Flowers, hope you can create the magic and make your life delightful avoiding the unwanted chemicals at your home.

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