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8 Ways to Boost Your Energy Without Harming Your Health

Too many artificial stimulants are not good for your health, we all know that there are lots of artificial stimulants to boost your energy when you are feeling tired, or you do not have the energy to get through your day. But as we probably also know, those artificial stimulants have either short or long term negative effects on your body and your health. So we have listed 8 natural things that you can do every day to boost your energy and your health.

Morning Light

The dawn signal activates the cells in your eyes that send a wake-up call to your brain’s internal clock. So first thing in the morning gets a look at the sun, or the sky if it is shady. Open up your curtains or blinds and take a look outside. Even better, get straight out there if you can. Just to be clear, I am not suggesting looking directly at the sun. That will damage your eyes.

Midday Sun

You really can not get enough sunlight when it comes to boosting energy. Sit beside a sunny window for 30 minutes at lunch and you will feel more wide awake. Once again, get out in the sun if you can, it will also boost your vitamin D levels.

Cut out fat at lunch

Try a salad and grilled chicken, not pizza, burger or chips. High-fat foods are most likely to make you moodier and more tired in the afternoon than lower-fat fare. Digesting fat releases a hormone called cholecystokinin, which promotes brain drain.

Organifi Red Juice

Organifi red Juice is a natural, organic and ready-made superfoods which help you to boost metabolism, lose weight, aging signs and many more that can you can benefit from it. Organifi red juice is consists of 100% natural fruit supplements like strawberry, acai, beet, pomegranates and other organic resources.

Stay Hydrated

If you start to feel thirsty, your hydration level has dropped by around 2.6% and that alone can double your feelings of fatigue. Stay hydrated, preferably with regular drinking of water. But remember fruits and vegetables will also boost your hydration levels, so get plenty of them every day.

Take a tea break

The green tea, black and all other types of teas contain the high energizing amino acid L-theanine. Avoid the other ‘energy drinks’ that boost energy from only sugar and caffeine and they both have a fast come down too, that’s why soon you will want another one some people develop addictions to ‘energy drinks’. In short, All that caffeine is bad for your heart too and the sugar will make you pile on the pounds.

Tap your hand or Squeeze your head

I know that sounds crazy and it is, but do it yourself acupressure will boost your alertness as effectively as a small cup of coffee. Roll your knuckles a few times on the top of your head, squeeze the fleshy pad between your thumb and first finger, or massage the base of your skull and the front of your shins.

Take a cat nap

Grab a nap in the afternoon, close your office door, or slip out to your car if you have to. NASA-funded research showed that a siesta boosted the performance of long-haul airline pilots by 34%. Wouldn’t you want your pilot on peak performance? If your 20-minute nap leaves you groggy, splash some cool water on your face. Having coffee just before your nap and then splashing your face afterward seems to be the perfect wake-up call.

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