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5 Tips to Getting More Wear Out of Your Fake Eyelashes

As living in the modern age, everyone has a desire to dress themselves up in such a way that they stand out from the rest of the public.

Every human has looked up to someone or something that makes them look attractive and unique and for most of the ladies, eyelash extension is the real key to step up from the average level of fashion.

If you’re a beginner and haven’t applied for extensions in your life, things can be tough initially but when you’ll witness what these lashes are worth for, you’re gonna love them.

If you’re really looking forward to grabbing the attention of the crowd at parties, you really have to choose a set of extensions that brings the best out of your personality.

To remove eyelash extensions, you can refer to the header, but to stand out from the rest of the public, some tips are being provided below to help you achieve what you’ve always desired.   

Some of the lashes that can be used in parties and ceremonies which can enhance your beauty are categorized below. 

Natural Lashes: By comparing these lashes to the other extension, you can witness that these lashes are elegant in design.

These lashes prove to be best in their length and thickness without being a burden on your natural ones. 

Normally people love to wear these lashes especially while hanging out with friends in daylight as they provide a natural look and are admired by other ladies as it’s clearly visible to others. 

Full Lashes: These lashes come with more thickness and are long enough to be easily visible by other people. Though sometimes it would feel like a burden to wear these lashes every day these extensions can prove to be a great prop to be used to get amazing photos.

It has the same formula as the theatre make up, the more you are far away from people, the more attractive and eye-catching your extension will look. 

If you’re a model and have to be at shoots within a certain time period, these lashes will twice your beauty and will provide a classy look to your personality. 

These extensions come with a blunt shape so that the tips of these lashes provide you with a vintage look and hence these full lashes can be a viable pick for ladies out there.  

Long & Short Lashes: These categories of extensions are popular for the multiple patterns they come with. 

Some of its categories can be classified into, crisscrossed lashes and be straight lashes, but what’s considered to be its best feature is its long tip.

These lashes can be worn to any type of outing as they put a dramatic look on one’s personality. 

Individual Lashes: When you talk about the most popular and most purchased extensions, you must include these individual lashes in your list.

What counts as its best feature is that, besides getting a comprehensive attached set of lashes, these individual lashes feature different lengths and offer to attach these lashes individually according to your personnel preference. 

Although these lashes can take a little longer to put on as compared to other categories of the extension, when these extensions meet with your natural ones, you’ll witness how pretty you’ll look in these lashes.

These individual extensions come in three groups and offer a high customization offer, you can choose the tips and length of this individual extension just the way you like it.

1. Midway false eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions are normally attached between the upper part of the eye and the bottom lashes, but to provide these lashes with a new look, experts have come up with an effective solution.

Most experts believe that if you start applying for your extension from the center of the eye and ending it on the edge of the bottom part of the eye, you’ll witness better results than the traditional method of applying these lashes.

2. Fit false eyelashes to the perfect size of your eye.

False extensions come in many shapes and sizes, and normally every type of false lashes won’t look good on your eyes and you may need to customize these lashes according to your personnel preference.

To customize and adjust these lashes so that they fit with your personality, you can trim them, extend them or soak the lashes so they look as good as new and they’ll look like they were made for you. 

3. Several sets of falsies for a more voluminous look. 

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to false lashes, if you’re a person that loves to wear a full thick set of lashes, this hack can be suitable for you.

An effective way to create falsies is to go for separate lashes that you find suitable and stack them all together. Trim and cut them according to your personal preference and you can have your thick, long, and dark lashes ready for you to wear. 

4. Trim Falsies and have better effects.

Not only can falsies provide you with a vintage look, but experts have also been working on searching effective ways and they have found a way to customize these falsies. 

According to a makeup artist, take a false eyelash line and trim it in half from its center point and apply both of the ends to your eyelids. This trick makes these eyelashes look classy and hence are able to give a tough competition to full lashes. 

5. Handle extension with care.

There are perfect ways to apply and remove the glue of the extensions.  You can use tweezers to pluck out your falsies or you can soak your falsies into hot water so that the glue of the extension comes off with ease. 

The trick here is that while applying for the false extensions, you should keep your glue as dry as possible so that it can be removed instantly, and use an eyelash band so that your glue shouldn’t be visible to the viewers for better results.


False eyelashes are absolutely a blessing for everyone that thinks that eyes are the windows to view one’s soul, so it’s necessary to look out for them and make them look attractive and glamorous.

These tips and tricks can help you to stand out from the crowd and will surely step up your eyelash game. 

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