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Five Ways to Speed up the Router

The number of people who do not use the internet is decreasing day by day. Wi-Fi access is increasing. Also the increase in the number of internet users too. Because, there is no alternative to take care of social media, e-mails. Wi-Fi is a suitable method.

However, customers are deprived of the router’s desired speed for various reasons. However, following some common issues, the internet connection speed is available in the router.

Let’s see now, how we can increase the router speed.

1. Keep the router in the middle of the house:

The thing we neglect most when we are connecting to the Internet is to take extra. Due to the low volume of the router, the place of the router is in the corner of the house or by the window. As a result, half of the Wi-Fi signals remain out. This reduces the speed. Because Wi-Fi is spreading across the Omni Directional, that is, the sound of the speakers spreads around the same way, Wi-Fi spreads around the router’s antenna. So try to keep the router in the middle of the house.

2. Keep the eyes high

It is not just the router’s speed that gets in the middle of the house, but it is not. Height also has a significant role here. Five feet of height from the soil, ie, keeping the router at the height of the eye can be found in good speed. Also, it is not okay to have a router with any device that is obstructing the routers’ signals, such as the cordless phone base, any other router, printer, microwave etc.

3. Connect fewer devices

Is it too much of friends or relatives at home? Wifi passwords for everyone? Then you have to reduce the speed of Wi-Fi. If you do not have a fast Internet connection, then it is better not to have too many devices connected together. Now many routers have the opportunity to block the device. If you find that a particular device is dragging additional bandwidth, then block it. In addition to the free Wi-Fi, many people get humming to download. This also reduces the speed of the router.

4. Use the repeater

There is no pair of rippers to speed up the Wi-Fi speed. Repeaters are available in the market or online shops. It is easy to connect to the router. Many times, there is not enough speed if the older router in the house. The router will get rid of the problem easily.

5. Use USB Router

Take a look before buying a router, whether it has a USB port or not. The reason is that it is easy to connect external hard drive to the USB port. Or the printer can also be connected. This will not require the device to print anything from the Internet. USB port router is quite strong. As a result, the signal is also good.

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