Couch Tuner is an online streaming service offering content since 2010. Couch tuner has gone through many subdomains such as .com, .ag, .fr etc. As this site is free hence many people consider it as their first priority to watch online TV on it.  But please be informed that this site is pirated, however, we will discuss the online screening service in this article. The content available on Couch tuner is mostly based on TV serials.

The only drawback of this site which its reviewers have given is that things are not well organized on this website as it is very hard to search next episode of any serial if you have started watching the TV show.

On the other hand, there are few threats because this site has unchecked pirated media and a large number of advertisement available also the link is available for third-party advertisement, clicking on that link can bring the virus into your computer or it can also increase the changes of online robbery.

It is considered an extraordinary source of entertainment in the world of online streaming. Although there are certainly other alternatives available of couch tuner such as Netflix, Putlocker, 123 movies, Movie watcher, Hulu.com etc, which are also a good source of entertainment among these few are chargeable and few have certain other limitations. But Couch tuner is doing well among all.

How to stream online Movies:

The very first step is to log in to the website for that you need to type couchtuner.cloud.  This is the official website of couch tuner. When you will log in to the website below mentioned screen will get opened. The process of screening movies online is very simple as other websites all you need to do is to filter your video or movie which you are interested in. Let’s discuss the same in detail. Once you will log in to the website you can see different tabs available on the home page: Picture is given below for better understanding:

As you can see different tabs will appear on the website. Let’s discuss the various tabs in brief:

1)    HomeUnder this tab, you can see the different and wide range of movies which are available by clicking on them you can watch online shows.

2)    New ReleasesThe second tab which is reflecting beside home is new releases, under this header you can find all the collection of new release shows which has been launched recently. Below is the image for better understanding.

3)    TV show listThis is the third tab which is available on the website under this tab you can find the list of TV shows. You can also search it by selecting alphabets. For example, if you will select “A” the list will appear in which names are available starting with the letter “A”. Similarly, you can opt for other letters as per your requirement.

4)    Search TV shows: Fourth option is for search TV shows here you have option wherein you can type the keyword of the movie or video which you want to see and once the video gets filtered you can watch it online. 

5)    Tv news: Here you can see various news series online and also the list of all trending shows & all favorite shows will display on the right side of the screen. Here you would be able to know the lot about TV series & you will find this convenient for your daily fun.

Note: You will get the updated shows at this side as they also mention the time and date of the updated duration.

6)    Additional feature: Option is available below of search keyword such wherein you can type the name or keyword of the video you want to watch and once the video is selected you can stream it online.


The above-mentioned features show that there is a huge variety of videos and movies available on the website for individual’s entertainment. The best part is that all time streaming on couch tuner is free of cost you can enjoy the show without paying a single penny. This is the reason why people prefer to watch the couch tuner.  

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