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HTML code and SEO Factors

HTML code is used to create web pages for the website and it plays a major role in search engine optimization. In SEO HTML play a major role. According to the SEO magnifier studies, In SEO so we should also focus on HTML elements to achieve good SEO these are the following Technique.

HTML code and SEO Factors


Suppose that you have written different books and all the books have the same title when anybody will purchase different books. They have the same Title how people will understand the book what about the books and all the description the same thing also in SEO.

If you have different books of the different title when people will purchase they will understand by the Title and all the description about the books same thing also happen SEO if we are able to design good or very descriptive title client will understand itself. The same thing also happens the search engine optimization. Our title may be descriptive people will understand automatically.

HTML Title has been an important signal for the website search engine understand that what about the page is by the HTML tags only so we should set a most descriptive title for the web page. So, think about what you hope each page will be found for, relying on the keyword search which we have been always performed. So, we should focus on HTML tag .because search engine understands the code.

Meta Description Tag:

Meta description tag is one of the oldest supported HTML elements, which allows you to suggest how you would like your pages to be described in search listing, if the HTML title is equivalent to the title of the book the meta description is just like all description all about the book so if we want to optimize our web pages we have to set proper title and meta description.

SEO pursuits that will argue that the meta description tag is not ranking factors for the web pages. You can think we want to publish our web page of google you can think about how it can look like.

So, meta tag or meta description called as the success factor rather than calling Ranking Factor so we should focus on meta tag also for SEO success.

A meta description contains the keyword which attracts user it should be in a bold letter that will attract the user quickly when user will see, so it is better to create good meta tag for your content (using some content marketing tools e.g best text paraphrasing tool) which will attract more visitors. so, Sometimes search engine it self-created the suitable meta description for the user and it is very easy to create a meta description for our /your content.

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Structured Data:

What you will do if you wanted to Tell Search engine about your web page and about the content you have to tell him in own language? you have to tell him, in specific codes that Makes search engine easy to understand the details of the page all about, your content and structure.

The result of structured data often translates into what calls a rich snippet. A search engine listing extra bells and whistles that Makes it more attractive and useful to users. The richest snippet you are likely to encounter reviews/rating which usually includes eye-catching stars.

One important thing is also Google loves those whose code search engines understand. so we should always code all the data which should search engine friendly.

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Header Tags

Header tags are a formal way to identify the key to our web page. The search engine has a long used them as clues to what a page is all about. if the words we want to find in header tags, we have to slightly increased chance of appearing in searches for those words. so we should also focus on header tags.

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