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How to Reduce Body Weight in 2 Weeks :

Weight basically refers to the quantity of mass or in other words, you can refer to weight as the amount of matter that is contained by a body. Weight is also referred to the force with which the earth attracts a body towards it. Moreover, weight refers to the heaviness of a body. Weight has synonyms like heaviness or load, burden etc.

In today’s world, where everyone wants to be up to the mark, either in dressing or in looks, weight plays an important role. Everyone wants to be physically fit and have the perfect body. So, weight and calories have a very close relation.



It is said, that if one intends on losing weight, the first and foremost step is to burn calories and lessen the intake of calories at the same time. Calories build up the fat on the body and the fat accounts for the increase in the weight.
So weight and calories have a very close relation and are directly related to each other. The more the calories one intakes, the weight shows an increase as well.

Why is it said, that the more sweet things that you consume, the more fat weight you will gain?
This is the exact same reason as was given above. Things which contain sugar, such as chocolates, juices, and other junk foods, contain a high content of calories and that is why they are said to bring a negative effect to the weight and are said to avoid in order to live a healthy life.



If you are obese or overweight, you are likely to experience many problems such as many diseases. The most common diseases that you might experience as an obese person are, cardiovascular diseases, cardiac arrest, gallbladder diseases and even certain cancers. All these accounts for a life that is unhealthy and inactive. Therefore, you are overweight or obese, you must lose some weight, and burn some calories so you get back to your standard weight and get back to your healthy routine.


2 weeks are the starting weeks of your weight loss journey and therefore, are the most important ones. The first few days or the first few kilograms that you lose are the hardest. After you have lost the first 2 kgs, your process speeds up a bit.
Therefore, the 2 weeks of your weight loss journey are the hardest and the most basic.

In these two weeks, you must do a lot of exercise with diet. Do not go on a very strict diet that might drain all the energy out of you. Simply follow a moderate diet with healthy things such as fruits and vegetables and regularly check with online weight loss calculator. Cut down on the junk food and cold drinks because they are extremely unhealthy for the body. Also, maintain some cardiovascular exercises. These exercises will help speed the metabolism rate and burn your total calories. So imagine, if you consume fewer calories and then burn some too, your overall fat will shred.

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