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Make Killing Animation – List of Best Animation Tools

Animation has gained a lot of attention and recognition overthe years. There was a time when all animation was used in making entertainingcartoon series and movies for kids, gradually it paved its way into making comics and now it’s the time when the animation has become agreat part of digital marketing. In the branding world, animation is one of themost beneficial assets.

With improvisation and evolution come new challenges. Samehappen with animation which requires the highest quality standard. You have tomake sure that each and every curve is neatly defined and presented. Many animators find trouble to make such minute details animation when producingexplainer videos.

Moreover, characterization is a big stone in making a flawless animation. The experts have to think of a number of aspects when creating a character. If you want to make compelling animation for your animation monster company, youmust get your hands on some expert tools and software that can assist you in completing the job well on time.

So, to learn about the tools get on the list summarized below:

EWC Presenter

It’s not ordinary multimedia for making animation. It is a professional tool with which you can carry out the comprehensive process of animation. You can make a seamless user interface with smooth animation. You can add various effects and other features to add an appeal to your work. The number of tailor-made templates helps animators to produce flawless animation. It has a dropdown list and text content as well. You can work on images and several other aspects.

Make Web Video

It is a professional tool for making appealing animation. The many features available in the tool help the experts in crafting out an impressive artwork. You can produce captivating animation and designs based on intricate artwork. As it is a free tool, it is the best asset a beginner or a novice animator can acquire. One must have it to refine his creative skills and to learn about the basic of animation. The web-based application assists animators in making different kinds of videos for their animation monster company. You can make an explainer video comprising of following types- whiteboard animation, 3D and 2Danimation even the stop-motion animation.


Are you planning to create a full-fledged animated video for your brand? With Vcasmo, you can add compelling audio and high definition animation to your video. You can add a creative flair and make your animation stand out. The tool is perfect to boost your branding campaign with creative cum captivating animation having every area and character neatly defined. The tool provides an easy to follow interface. By simply using the drag and drop rule you can complete your picture. You can scan your storyboard and add different animation effects from voice-overs to color transitions.


GoAnimate is an expert tool to create a highly engaging animated video for your brand. You can be sure to boost its recognition far and wide, just by getting your hands dipped into the product using the tool. It is a vast gallery full of compelling icons and features. You can fun-filled and corporate video presentation along with making engaging explainer videos. The broad range of pre-designed templates can assist to bring ease and productivity in your work. You can produce high-quality animation within no time.


PowToon is the best tool for making online animation. You can upload engaging animation on your websites and on social media sites as well. Keeping the features required to attract viewers, the tool has a managed collection full of pre-designed templates. You can simply browse through the vast gallery and select your required icons and elements to add to your animation. It offers a broad range of color palette having mixed shades and tones of each color to add a compelling flair into the work.

Adobe Illustration

You can make great use out of Adobe illustrator for making a realistic illustration for your 3D animated videos. You can follow the tutorials present in the tool and add captivating motion graphics. An animation is divided into many different parts so it’s best to get the tool for theindividual categories.

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