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What to Look for When Buying A Pad for Heavy Periods?

The perks that the sanitary pads come in handy with are really worth it, and this is why these sanitary pads have managed to create quite a fandom of their own among the ladies out there.

Though most of the ladies are a huge fan of using tampons whenever they have their periods, however, some of the ladies consider tampons to be very uncomfortable and prioritize using sanitary pads according to their personnel preference.

On the odds that you are one of the ladies that use sanitary pads for herself, then it is to say that there’s no shame in this.

Sanitary pads are considered to be lifesavers and can surely provide you with a profound experience.

However, many of the companies are coming up with some best pads of their own, which makes it extremely difficult for the ladies to choose the one that suits best with their preference.

With that being said, a buyer’s guide is being provided below that will surely help you to loosen up and will help you to opt for the best pad for yourself.

With that being said, you can visit pads for heavy periods of review, to clear any further confusion or misconception of yours.


The absorbency option your sanitary pads comes in handy with is a necessary consideration that needs to be made in order to avoid any type of inconvenience in the future.

Many sanitary pads come with different absorption rates, hence you need to pick one that suits best with your condition.

With that being said,  the absorption rate of your sanitary pad should solely be dependant on the type of period you go through.

On the odds that you have lighter periods, then you may not feel the urge to opt for a heavy flow pad for you, as you only will be changing your pad three to four times a day, so a regular pad would be enough for you.

On the other hand, if you have heavy periods, then you may require to get your hands on the pads that come in handy with maximum absorbency, and should go for the pads that come with “heavy” or  “extra heavy” written on its package. 


Another and the most important thing you need to consider while opting for a sanitary pad is the size that it comes with.

The sole purpose of using a sanitary pad is to keep your flow or your periods safe from the observation of the period.

The greater the size you opt for yourself, the more profound experience you will be able to receive.

If you feel like that the pad you use leaks from the front side, then you need to opt for the pad that comprises the text “long or extra long” printed on its package.  

Though the longer pads can be similar to wearing adults diaper, in order to keep your plants safe from your heavy flow, you need to opt to wear them for your own safety. 

On the other hand that you feel like the pad you use leaks from its sides, then you need to opt for the pad that comprises the text “wings” printed on its package.  


Apart from choosing the size and absorbency rate of your sanitary pad, one more thing that you can choose in your sanitary pad is to get your hands on either scented pads or odorized pads.  

Both, the scented pads and the odorized pads are used for the same purpose.

Both of them tend to eradicate the smell that’s produced by your heavy flow.

With numerous types of options easily available in the market, you can choose the scent of your sanitary pad according to your personnel preference.

However, scented pads can prove to irritate people that comprise sensitive skin, if you are one of these people, then going for the scented pads might not be the best option for you.


The information mentioned above tends to be comprehensive and covers every detail that you might want to know before buying a sanitary pad for yourself.

Do consider this buyer’s guide beforehand to avoid any type of incentive in the future.

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