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Propane vs Electric Smoker – Which Type of Smoker is Better?

Modern indoor smokers are being built to provide users with a chance to put enrich their meals with savory and mouth-watering flavors.

Besides adding flavors to your food, these commercial indoor smokers can be a great addition to your collection of kitchen gadgets. 

As there are many types of electric smokers, one of these types includes propane and electric smokers.

As each and every smoker is built and textured to have their own separate set of specifications and customization options, and are considered to be best in their own separate ways.

If you’re tired while comparing a propane smoker with an electric smoker, here’s a detailed review of the pros and cons these smokers bring along with them and what’s the main difference between these two smokers. 

Electric Smoker

In an electric smoker, the food is prepared by using electricity. An electric smoker can be a viable pick as this smoker comes with of temperature control system so that your food can be prepared according to your preference.

In this electric smoker, you need to realize the fact that you can’t start preparing your food all of a sudden. This electric smoker needs to be left on for a moment so that its racks and grills get hot enough to cook your meal. 

These electric smokers work like an oven and cook your food according to your needs. While being said the above features, let’s have a look at its pros and cons. 

Electric Smoker Pros:

  • By turning the dials, its temperature can be controlled easily.  If you go for a cheaper model, it will only provide you with basic options. 
  • It’
  • It’s highly durable, you can just set the temperature according to your needs.
  • In an electric smoker, you shouldn’t be concerned about combustible gasses or other materials, as this unit proves to be the safest unit. 
  • There’s no restriction on electric smokers, whereas charcoal smokers are ban in some of the areas for safety issues. 
  • You can convert them into cold smoker easily. 

Electric Smoker Cons:

  • A propane smoker produces more heat than an electric smoker. 
  • You can’t take your electric smoker outside of your kitchen, until and unless you own a generator. 
  • This smoker doesn’t produce a smoke ring, though wood can be burned for the ultimate flavor it’s unable to provide you with a smoke ring.  
  • As it comes with high technology, it’s repairing can be a issue.

Propane Smoker

The majority of these smokers feed themselves on propane, otherwise, these smokers can be fueled with natural gas too.

As these smokers operate on natural gases, they provide you with the ability to control its temperature and cook food according to your personnel preference. 

These propane smokers are considered to be a replacement for charcoal smokers as they both have almost the same specifications, let review the pros and cons of these propane smokers.  

Propane Smoker Pros:

  • You can place this propane outside, without worrying about power controls. 
  • If your propane smoker isn’t working properly, it can be repaired easily. 
  • It can work without power. 
  • This propane smoker can be bought for a much cheaper price than of electric smoker. 

Propane Smoker Cons:

  • Some old models of propane smoker will require your physical attention to adjust the temperature according to your personnel preference. 
  • Gas smokers don’t come perfectly insulated, so if you’re cooking somewhere outside in a windy place, you’re likely to face some issues. 
  • Compared to the electric smokers, these propane smokers are lower in technology, so you won’t be able to receive high technology like Bluetooth connection in this smoker. 


Both of these smokers are best in their own way, it’s recommended to chooses a smoker that fulfills your needs and requirements.

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