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Running One Mile Per Day

Running 411: Everything you need to know

Running One Mile Per Day

Now it’s no secret that exercising is great for the body, necessary, even. During the day we manage to perform many tasks including those that involve physical activity like climbing up a set of stairs or walking to work. Although exercising and how much it needs to be done depends on various factors including age and personal circumstances, it is without a doubt known that physical activity is essential to a better wellbeing.

Pursuing this further, you may know that getting your body to perform physically to an extent, but do you also know why?

Sure, you’ve got the answer to that. If you’re like most people your answer will most likely discuss the probability of weight loss and burning calories. What people fail to realize is that putting your body through a physical challenge does more than just burn a handful of calories off of your last cheeseburger. It puts the human body to a test, allowing muscles to develop, stimuli to be sharper, and boost overall strength and immunity.

If your someone who doesn’t reach the quota for physical activity on an everyday basis, doing any sort of an activity is bound to be difficult initially. This is because your body needs it’s time to get out of its “rest mode” in order to perform any physical activity.

For those who are seeking an activity that permits the body to grow through all those changes and some time to somewhat gather your thoughts in this messy cloud circulating your busy mind, running may be the best option for you.

Running is one of those activities that are a task as simple as that. Unlike other methods of exercise, this one doesn’t require an indoor private gym with expensive equipment or a professional trainer, for that matter. Due to this, it’s one of those exercises that are easily doable and convenient for most people. Whilst there are exercises out there that are more specific to your personal objective; e.g. lunges and squats etc. running has a list of its own benefits to provide to the human body.

In addition to improving aerobic fitness, running is known to greatly reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases and maintaining blood pressure. With that being said, running has its own psychological benefits, including reduction of anxiety and stress. So if you’re looking for a way to lose weight or even to get a little bit of an exposure to the outdoors, read on.

Healthy Living | Running One Mile Per Day

Getting started

If you are one of those couch potatoes (in other words, all of us) it’s about time you cut back the Netflix and chill and get on with the running. In contrast to other activities, this one doesn’t need a warm up. Just put on your running shoes and don’t forget your music at home.

Setting a Plan

To take this seriously, you must create a plan. In order to do this, set a time and place to perform this activity. For running you want to have your own space and lots of it. A park or running track is probably your best bet. Choose a time where your energy levels are high. This could be a run around the early hours or sometime in the evening, whatever floats your boat the best.

Being Consistent

To get the best out of any physical workout is to work with perseverance. This means no ditching on Mondays or running for a shorter time on the weekends. If you want to achieve your goals, consistency is key.

Objectives and Goals

Pursuing consistency further, in order to motivate you to be more consistent is to think about the aims and reasons as to why you’re doing this in the first place. Maybe this is your way of losing weight that you gained over the holidays. Keep that in mind next time you want to cancel on running and devour the next thing you see. This will help keep you in line and in shape.

  • Weight loss: If moving down to weight class is what your aim is, you also need to take your diet into consideration. Alongside having a protein-rich diet, try considering calorie burning supplements to further boost your chances of losing weight. It is advised that you take them as a prescribed drug after discussing this with your dietician or a medical practitioner. These pills mainly aid in burning calories by reducing fat.
  • Stress relief: A lot of individuals don’t really know why they took up running as a physical activity especially if the objective wasn’t to lose weight. When a survey was taken, most answers discussed the activity as a positive, stress-relieving action. To make the most out of this, it’s recommended that you run to music that makes you happy or even no music at all- to listen to your thoughts. It’s an effective way to reflect upon yourself in a healthy manner.

Putting it in a nutshell, running is more than just a means to lose weight; it’s a means to a better lifestyle and becoming a happier individual. Plus, it won’t cost you a thing. So sign up for the next marathon, because, why not?

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