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Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes to market in August last year. But due to technical error, note 7 smartphone explosions occur worldwide. So Samsung changed almost all the notes from the market 7. It was disappointing and the note-maker did not make a phone call with so much loss and deprivation, also announced that South Korea’s technology maker, the company. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be available in the market. The new note 8 will be unveiled in New York on August 23, according to a South Korea-based company.

Samsung’s Note Series smartphones are always popular for use in high performance. Samsung note sells as the most advanced and expensive phone. Also popular Galaxy Note for digital pen or ‘s pen’. Note 7 After Samsung’s terrible catastrophe, Samsung is giving significant importance to the new Note 8. Especially on its battery. There are also some new features and new versions of the phone.

New fingerprint scanner

Technology has rumored to participate in the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 fingerprint. Many people say, the new Samsung will have fingerprint sensors under the bottom of this screen. Many people think that the sensor will collect fingerprints from the phone’s fixed part.

Dual camera

Two cameras have been started simultaneously in front of or behind the smartphone. However, this time Samsung is bringing the two camera or dual camera phones in the market. The new Galaxy Note 8 also has the use of dual cameras.


Samsung introduced its new ‘Buxby’ virtual assistant in April last. With the new Note 8 in August this is a concept that will bring a much better version. However, Samsung has not confirmed anything about this. There may also be practical buttons to launch a bcb, in Note 8. Apple’s Syriam, Microsoft’s cortana will be better than the development of technology analysts say technology analysts.

Something more

Someone thinks that there will be speakers in the Note 8 S Pen. Apart from this, the new note 8 will be the whole curved screen instead of the two sides of the screen. Many people say that the Note 8 can be 6.4 inches, note that Apple’s iPhone’s Note 3 can be a touch screen with eight presses. Apart from black and gray colors, dark blue note 8 can also come in the market.

Samsung Mobile’s head Koh says, ‘What innovation means, we have kept it for Galaxy Note 8.’ Note 8 phone price may start from $ 900. In September and October, he said that he hoped to release the phone in the market. Meanwhile, the new iPhone 8 is expected to come in the market in September. So technology analysts are thinking that the competition between two top smartphone makers will continue.

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