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Top 5 Mobile App Design Guidelines: That Sharp Designer’s Art

What separates an excellent app from a bad one is the experience of its users. Mobile App users today expect a whole lot from an app. From the ease of use, fast loading time, and lot more.

Hence, the responsibility falls on the App developer to ensure that an app has all and more of these features, to provide a great user experience.

There are several factors to ponder upon when creating an app; however, in this article, I would share 5 top mobile app design guidelines that can sharpen a designer’s art.

#1. Focus on the user’s Needs and Goal

Except you are designing for personal use, you should always build an app with needs of its users in mind. Do not use a feature or pattern because you can easily integrate it.

Instead, you should identify features the users would need and incorporate them into the app. For every feature you add, ask yourself the question: how would this benefit the user?

Been minimalistic doesn’t end at having simplified visual elements. It extends to the number of functions available to your users. No matter the type of app you are building.

It is essential not to distract your audience with unnecessary features. The user’s desires which you have discovered through your research should determine the vital functions of the app.

#2. Design for touch, not Cursors

Despite the increase in the size of smartphones, and laptops having screen touch capability, there is still a considerable difference between the desktop and mobile platforms.

A mobile app design should be designed for touch with a goal of reducing the number of incorrect entries, making the app more comfortable for the user.

Instead of typing, use multiple choice. Make the button bigger and also integrate swipe and scroll.

People hold their phones in various ways, so you need to design the functions of the app in line with how the user interacts with their phone.

Make actionable targets big enough; Design controls should have touch-area of 7 to 10mm to enable the user to touch the mark accurately.

#3. Easy and visible Navigation

Having amazing features on an app won’t matter if people can’t find it. Mobile app developers are fond of hiding Menus in-between pages. This is a wrong practice that can confuse and disorient the users.

Indicate the location of the Menu and integrate it to for smooth and successful navigation within the app.

You can easily make use of Standard navigation patterns, like the Navigation drawer for Android and the Tab bar for IOS. Most users are familiar with these patterns, so it would be easier to use.

#4. Follow platform Guidelines

Choosing a platform to develop the app is the first thing always considered, and thus the platform is also a key criterion during the app development.

Whether IOS or Android, each platform has their different guidelines for interface designs. When designing the app, ensure to follow the platform’s guidelines for maximum quality.

Design guidelines are essential, and users need to be familiar with the patterns of each operating systems.

#5. Content should be visible to a user

A smartphone has a smaller screen compared to the desktop, and this brings a challenge of having to fill in a lot of information in a small User interface.

As much as you want to add more information, the data would be useless if the users can’t read it. So you need to ensure that letters are visibly apparent.

Avoid the temptation of adding more information to the detrimental of the size.

Conclusively, a good design is a perfect blend of beauty and functionality, The 5 top mobile app development guidelines listed above would help transform your knowledge more than before.

Don’t try to perfect your app from the start, as it can be difficult, instead continuously test it and use the feedback to improve its experience.

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