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When Are the Best Times and Seasons to Do Shopping in Kolkata

When it comes to Kolkata, there are certain signature things that define the heart of ‘the city of joy’. Whether it is food, the sweets, the festivals or the dresses, Kolkata has its own style. It is not possible to capture the panoramic quality of Kolkata within limited words. That’s why we thought why not concentrate on the shopping spree of ‘The Kolkatans’. Whenever it comes to shopping, the Bengalis are always a step ahead. You won’t find a Bengali who doesn’t shop when they are on some trip. So, it is quite easy to imagine how much they shop when they are at the paradise of shopping, Kolkata. Whenever you visit the shopping zones of Kolkata, like, Esplanade, Gariahaat or elsewhere, you will always see the crowd. Therefore, it is really tricky to decide the best time to do shopping in Kolkata.

Still, we find it effective to give you some ideas on the most favorable time to do shopping in Kolkata. To make it crisp, we can say there are only two times when you can shop at Kolkata- the time when there is too much crowd and the time when the crowd is lighter. But, that is not enough to help you, I know. So, before talking about when to buy, you need to know about what to buy and some shopping tips.

What to Buy When You are on Shopping at Kolkata?

Now, that depends entirely on you. If you are planning to buy dress materials, there are certain amazing spots in Kolkata. Also, you can go shopping for home decors and for that you have to go somewhere else. Let’s have a look at things people usually buy from Kolkata, whether they are locals or came from outside-

  1. Sarees– Yes, this is the very first thing that women love to buy from the gorgeous saree shops in Kolkata. Whether you belong to North Kolkata or south, you will find some traditional saree shops, like Adi Mohini Mohan Kanjilal, Priyo Gopal Bishoyi & Sons, Adi Dhakeshwari Bastralaya and so on. These places are a paradise of sarees. Don’t leave your wife or daughter there alone for a minute; they may make your cards go empty!
  2. Western Dresses– Today, there are so many shopping malls that you can find branded dresses and also the regular ones easily. If you want a designer’s collection, visit the malls, like Quest Mall, South City Mall, Mani Square Mall and so on. If you want the western dress but at an affordable rate, go to Sriram Arcade Mall at Esplanade.
  3. Jewelry– Kolkata is the best place to find the perfect amalgamation of traditional and modern jewelry. If you want precious ones, like gold, diamond, platinum and so on, there are jewelry houses like P.C. Chandra, Senco Gold, Tanisk and so on. Are you looking for junk jewelry and tribal ones? You need to head directly to Gariahaat and Dakhinapan.
  4. Home Decors– You will find lots of shops and stores where you can find amazing items of home décor. There are shops in Dakhinapan Shopping Complex in Dhakuria where you can get numerous options. Are you good at bargaining? Go to New Market or Gariahat and have a great deal on items.

So, these are certain things you can buy while you are in Kolkata. Here, you also get information about the places where you can get the best things available. Now, we need to concentrate on the topic: ‘best time to do shopping in Kolkata’. Let’s hear about it.

Best Time to Shop in Kolkata

If you are looking for the best season to do shopping in Kolkata, then the following points will help you out. Have a look-

  1. During the Sale– This is the best time when you can avail great discount on several items. Whether you want to buy dress materials, saree or home decors, you can get great deals on them. Usually, the season of sale starts from the month of March and continues till 14th April. You can get enough discounts on expensive items.
  2. Go for Clearance Sale– There are lots of shops which often go for a clearance sale. Keep an eye on these options and you can get amazing things at a cheaper price.
  3. Shop during the Durga Puja– This is the best season to do shopping in Kolkata. All the shops are full of exclusive Puja Collection and you can set the trend for the year. Beware of the crowd of Kolkata this time.
  4. Shop on Weekdays– This is the most favorable time to do shopping in Kolkata. On weekdays, the price of different items is a bit lower. And also you can avoid the usual crowd on weekends.

Enjoy Your Shopping at Kolkata!

So, here you get enough information about shopping at Kolkata. Kolkata is really one of the best places in the country where you can find a variety of things at a cheaper rate. Happy shopping!

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